Our History

It has been one hundered years that Bar Montanucci has opened each morning.


100 years in the historic center of Orvieto

No private business in the city of Orvieto has such a long standing history. Only institutions such as: the City, the Bank, the Church can say that they have opened everyday for one hundred years.

For tradition, history, continuity, this “antique bar” has worked as a place among the city’s institutions. This is what makes the Montanucci family face challenges, changes and innovations head on. Over the years the “bar” has responded with tenacious prompt developments that have struck the taste, food trends, timing of eating and drinking.

For a long time the bar was only “Coffee Montanucci”. Coffee and cappuccino have stayed and they are still the gravitational center of the pastry. And the Montanucci pastry has an old soul: the pastry cream recipe has been the same for a hundred years. A hundred years the habit of playing “Do it all with the best raw ingredients refusing shortcuts and pre-packed products.” The pastries are full, no added sweetners, healthy, and voluptuous. The desserts, where the semolina cake is the champion, represent an example of how we can enhance the marriage of goodness and simplicity. The taste of gelato has not succumbed to the tastes of the younger generation raised on junk food, but has retained its connotation of “ice cream pastry”, more faithful in recalling the product that it originates from.

And what about the Chocolate! Ask yourself if there is a bar that produces fresh chocolate every day and is known to all as having freshness as the key component for its quality. A “bacio” or “Pinocchio’s nose” that give the palate that storm of flavors that only fragrant chocolate can give, the symbol of the ancient and award winning Montanucci method: a rule that has been handed down.

A new, efficient kitchen in the local expanded pastry shop with new staff has been Montanucci’s response to the strong increase in demand for cuisine. By day the dishes are adapted to a local clientele or tourist both united by the same desire: to eat light, without expanding, but retaining the characteristics of the traditional lunch. And this happens with a clear success.

And finally in the evening. The Montanucci evening begins at approximately 6pm. The atmosphere is relaxed, with pleasant and attentive Service. The menu offers as an aperitif, casual dinner, or, if desired, traditional dinner with a great attention to the wines and the grammar of the dishes, often surprising.

One hundred years: the soul of the bar Montanucci is the original and yet there remain traces: as in a coffee of the past, you can still flee to be rescued by a massive currant open to be filled with fresh pastry cream. From Montanucci: Where else?”